Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Mariah Willaims


It was a Saturday
A cold windy fall day
The sun as big as a full moon
The leaves as colorful as fire

A twinkle in my eye I see
Gentle and fragile just how glass may seem
to the right of me soaring thru the wind as
If she was a flying bird guiding her pact
back and forth again

So beautiful like a rivers stream
with eyes of a caramels gleam
But still who may this stranger
come to be?

As I watch beneath an evergreen tree,
her smile brings me peace to all my needs
Hiding behind a newspaper
Watching her take steps seeking for treasure
When only one knows best

Storming speed made of lighting
Shaking rattling sapphire streams
Music to my ears because she
loves to sing
Staring off into the sky
Laying in fire life leafs ohh
How I miss holding her
Even though they all felt like dreams

Where she goes I go
I follow her everywhere
If only I could talk to her
Instead of stare

To her house she goes
Me traveling behind
Surprised she hasn’t caught me yet
I’ve done this a thousand times

As I watch throughthe window,
she looks so happy.
If only I could be there,
things wouldn’t of been
so trashy

It's been 15 years
since I said a word, I love her
So dearly my heart fills with joy,
even though I’ve been so dreary

I knocked on the door
and there she was, my daughter,
as beautiful as can be
I told her I’m her father so now
she can see

It was a Saturday
A cold windy fall day
There was a twinkle in my eye
She looked just like me
Light skin, brown eyes